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Our Mission : The West Valley Community Campus provides a place to foster community and individual growth through educational, recreational and cultural activities. 

Our Core Values : Integrity, collaboration, inclusiveness, stewardship, respect, transparency and participation

Our History : Our facility was built during President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s presidency as part of the New Deal economic recovery plan.  It was used by the Willamina School District as the Willamina High School until a new one was built at Oaken Hills, the last class to graduate was in 2003.  The building sat empty for a number of years and was then purchased by a private party in 2011.  In 2013, the  West Valley Community Campus non profit organization was formed and our 501c3 was obtained.   The West Valley Kiwanis generously donated $50,000 in seed money for our organization and work began.  We hosted community work parties to save the building from further disrepair by patching the roof, cleaning, painting, installing heat systems and more. 

In 2018 Paay School LLC generously donated the building to the West Valley Community Campus and we are continuing the work of rehabilitation to this historic and cultural asset while also developing programming, events and activities. 

Our Goals : The West Valley Community Campus is a nonprofit organization dedicated to renovating and maintaining the historic former Willamina High School facilities for the benefit of our local communities. Our goal is to create a sustainable community center with a focus on arts, music, culture, education and recreation. We are working to bring together our rural communities by creating space for community events and activities.     

We aim to make art and music accessible to our community by :

  • offering affordable art and music education classes 
  • offering free and  low cost concert series and events
  • offering all ages concerts and events 
  • developing a dedicated art wing to include work space for local artist, artist in residency programs and gallery space
  • providing  low cost rental studio space for local artists and musicians

We aim to support community fitness and recreation by :

  • offering affordable fitness and exercise classes
  • partnering with organizations and individuals in our community to develop classes and activities 
  • providing our grounds free of charge for public use for a variety of outdoor physical activities
  • developing outdoor recreation space 

We aim to support other educational and community activities by:

  • developing of a community kitchen that will be available at low cost rent for budding businesses,  hosting community dinners and supporting events at our campus 
  • working with individuals in our community to develop educational classes  and activities 
  • providing low cost rental space to individuals and businesses 

THE PLAN: Because our campus fell into disrepair in the years it sat empty, we are working hard to rehabilitate the space into beautiful, functional space.  Since obtaining legal ownership of the building and grounds in December of 2018 we have identified our next development phases as :

PHASE 1 :  The Fundamentals   

  • COMPLETED: Complete the rezoning process with the City of Willamina.  We are currently zoned as a Public Institution which is not an appropriate zoning for our organization. We are currently working with the city to rezone as a mixed use commercial zone to open up our ability to carry out our mission. 
  • Save our building by obtaining a new roof to protect the spaces we will develop
  • Continue the process of cleaning and clearing out our space to make way for all our dreams

PHASE 2 : South Wing Development

  • Build out a commercial kitchen available for community use
  • Remodel our auditorium to make a welcoming space for music events, theater performances and more
  • Upgrade the south wing bathrooms
  • Complete the remodel of our band room which is where we hold private music lessons, small listening concerts and to be utilized as a green room for larger music events
  • Complete the remodel of classrooms 

PHASE 3 : North Wing Development

  • Build out a dedicated art wing with space for visual art classes, artist in residency programming, gallery space and more!
  • Build out a shared work space for affordable rental of office space 
  • Build out private commercial rental spaces

Where Are We Now? While we have much work to do on the building, we are currently using our existing rehabilitated spaces for a variety of arts education, music events, fitness classes and private rentals.  See our calendar for current programming and offerings. 

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