Venue Rentals

The West Valley Community Campus exists to provide space for various private or public events, classes, and meetings. At this time, the Auditorium, Sports Fields, Gymnasium, Community Art Room, Room 9 and Room 11 are available for rent for classes, sporting events, business meetings, wedding receptions, dances, reunions, club meetings, parties and more!

As part of our programming, memorial services are always free of charge.  If you are interested in holding a service at the WVCC please contact us.

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Private Event/Activity Fee Schedule All fees and deposits are due upon submitting a contract and are payable by check or money order only, payable to West Valley Community Campus.  Reservations are not guaranteed until funds have been accepted

Standard Rate is everything that does not fall within the exceptions below:

Charitable 501 C 3 organizations will not be required to pay a rental fee for activities and events open to the general public free of charge (deposit still required).  Said organizations holding fundraising activities and events will be charged a Not-for-Profit rate.

Not-for-Profit Rate is for groups or individuals with a public benefit (civic organizations etc).  This may include activities that include participant fees so long as the fees are intended to cover the costs of the activity and are reasonably priced for the type of activity.  

Insurance Commercial activities renters are required to provide an Additional Insured Certificate naming West Valley Community Campus as additional insured. 

Public Activity Fee Schedule West Valley Community Campus charges a 10% usage fee for all recurring fee based public activities.  We will provide you with a sheet for your attendees to sign into at each class. We ask that you turn these sign in sheets into the campus office on a monthly basis by the 10th of each month with accounting for the prior month.   This fee schedule would apply to an activity such as a fitness or dance class.

The Board of Directors of West Valley Community Campus reserves the right to approve or deny any rental application and/or waive the rental fee for any purpose it deems appropriate.