Who We Are

Our Mission

The West Valley Community Campus provides a place to foster community and individual growth through educational, recreational and cultural activities.

Our Goal

West Valley Community Campus is focused on building community. This is not just a building or a community center, it is a place of transformation and a catalyst for change. The hope is to bring together our rural communities and create a dynamic community that we could not create singly. United as a whole we can do wonderful things.

Our Core Values

Integrity, Collaboration, Inclusiveness, Stewardship, Respect, Transparency, Participation.

Our History

The old Willamina High School was built in 1938 during President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s Presidency, as part of the “New Deal” economic recovery plan. The facility was used by the Willamina school district until a new facility was built at Oaken Hills. The old facility was then purchased by a private party, Paay School, LLC and was donated in December of 2018 to the WVCC.
The facility is currently being restored. Thousands of square feet have been rehabbed and being used for a variety of community and private use, thanks to generous donations fromĀ  the private sector and thousands of volunteer hours from community members.
We currently operate as the West Valley Community Campus, having received our non-profit, 501(c)3 status September of 2013. We are supported entirely by donations and volunteers. No tax money is received from any city, county, state or other government entity.

Our Board Members

Marian Rose Lucas : Chairman
Pamela Hylton : Vice Chair
Dennis Werth : Secretary
Charlyn Pranger : Treasurer
Recca Maze : Board Member
Dick Paay : Board Member
Cris Darr : Board Member